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Airstream Interstate and Airstream Insterstate EXT


Airstream Interstate Floor Plan

Airstream Interstate EXT Floor Plan


Experience the legends of Airstream® and Mercedes-Benz®.

The road is calling. Are you ready to roll? Founded in 1931, Airstream is truly an American icon. With a sterling reputation, built on a foundation of unique designs, futuristic innovations and dependable durability, Airstream has been inspiring adventures for over 80 years.

Since its inception in 1886, Mercedes-Benz has also been renowned and synonymous with unmatched automotive luxury, performance and advanced technologies. It's no surprise, when these two world-class companies rallied together to create the Airstream Interstate, it made perfect sense. By pairing sleek, Airstream styling with the precision engineering of the Mercedes-Benz Sprinter, the result is a seamless expression of power, opulence, comfort and reliability: the Airstream Interstate. If you’re ready to experience your next adventure on a purely luxurious level, roll with the best. Airstream and Mercedes-Benz.

Airstream continues to innovate and lead through research and development. New features and functions are based on direct feedback from Airstream Interstate and Interstate EXT owners. Top ways owners utilize and enjoy their Interstate and Interstate EXT.

• Visit family and friends
• Roam the country including national parks and vacation destinations
• Travel to sporting events, concerts, races, shows, festivals,…
• Take along family, friends, and pets that require onboard accommodations and facilities
• Travel between multiple homes or business locations
• Attend meetings, tradeshows & remote job sites. Provide product presentations, mobile marketing, …


Top reasons why owners purchased the Interstate and Interstate EXT.

Brand Airstream and Mercedes-Benz have a long history for being the “Best of the Best”.
Design Appropriate combination of various design elements that are very sleek while also being very functional.
Quality Airstream and Mercedes-Benz have long standing reputations of building the highest quality products.
Support Peace of mind in knowing you are supported by two premier companies with coast-to-coast dealer networks.
Value The right price/value relationship delivered by an outstanding product that retains great resale value.


Safety System

• Advanced safety systems are integrated throughout the Interstate. These include state-of-the-art Mercedes-Benz Adaptive ESP® (Electronic Stability Program), which combines eight individual onboard systems into one smart, superior safety system. It greatly reduces the dangers of skidding, sliding sideways, brake locking, rollover and loss of traction. Additional safety features include: driver and passenger air bags, three-point seat belts with belt tensioners for all captain’s chairs, hands-free phone conversations, navigation assistance and rear view camera monitor. Whether you’re driving, maneuvering, reversing or towing, you’ll feel confident and in control.

• Onboard Safety Systems keep things safe and sound including a First Aid Kit, LP Gas Detector, Smoke and CO Alarm and Fire Extinguisher.


Powertrain System

• Mercedes-Benz V6 3.0L Turbo Diesel engine delivers quick acceleration, outstanding torque, exceptional fuel mileage (18+ MPG) and legendary reliability. BlueTEC SCR technology complies with strict emission standards and delivers one of the cleanest engines in the world. An enhanced 5-speed automatic transmission, featuring Start-off Assist is also included. Chassis System
• Mercedes-Benz 3500 Chassis provides maximum strength and durability while delivering amazing car-like handling with independent front suspension. Reinforced leaf springs, rack and pinion steering, four wheel disc brakes, premium all-season tires and Alcoa® aluminum wheels are also standard.


Towing System

• Mercedes-Benz tow package allows for a heavy-duty towing capacity of up to 6,400 pounds. It also includes seven-pin trailer wiring and is pre-wired for a brake controller.
• Mercedes-Benz ESP Trailer Stability Assist enhances driving safety when towing a trailer.


Navigation System

• Innovation abounds with the latest in-dash, multimedia technology. We’ve included the world’s leading GPS navigation system with voice guidance, traffic data, lane assist for upcoming intersections, speed limit notification and over six million points of interest. The system also includes an ecoRoute® function that will automaticallymsearch for the most fuel-efficient routes.


Maintenance System

• Mercedes-Benz Active Service System (ASSYST) is an onboard maintenance system that monitors usage and provides recommended service intervals. Maintenance intervals can be extended up to 10,000 miles or two years depending on usage, which can also help reduce maintenance and repair expenses.


Electrical System

• The highly advanced electrical system is both easy and safe to use. It allows you to hook-up to 30 amp shore power or to engage the onboard power plant system, which includes a 2.5kW Onan® generator, two 12-volt deep cycle, maintenance-free Absorbed Glass Mat (AGM) batteries, 750 watt inverter/45 amp multi-stage charger, heavy duty 110V landline connection, 220 amp heavy duty alternator, and optional 50 watt solar panel. Highly efficient LED technology is integrated throughout the coach, for significant energy savings.
• The Energy Management System (EMS) simplifies the process by automatically monitoring and managing the 110 volt electrical appliances and system.


Plumbing System

• This well-designed and well-built plumbing system consists of high-grade materials and components, including Atwood® XT combination gas/electric hot water heater with aluminum tank, electronic direct spark ignition, 50 PSI Flo-jet water pump, automatic
heated tanks, probe-less tank sensors, inline water filter, water flex lines, water pressure regulator, lowpoint drain valves, HEPVO waterless waste valves, premium faucets, RV360 roof-mounted vent caps, macerator waste pump and termination valve, power
retractable waste hose reel and electric dump valve.


Construction System

• Extreme engineering and design goes into the building and construction, including a unique, highly advanced, seven-layer composite flooring system that’s 1.5 inches thick and provides superior strength and durability. The flooring also offers a high R factor, isolation from road noise and resistance to expansion and contraction. R7 fiberglass insulation throughout the main cabin helps keep the inside of the coach comfortable and quiet. Beautifully curved, high-gloss, laminated cabinetry has been constructed with artful, high-quality craftsmanship. The premium flush-mounted release buttons and heavyduty solid hardware hinges provide solid-shut cabinets and rattle-free traveling. Other premium materials include Airstream signature aluminum ceilings and extruded aluminum under-cabinet molding.


Entertainment System

• Pure entertainment pleasure is integrated throughout the cabin with the latest and greatest technology. The in-dash experience includes a multimedia, seven inch touch-screen system, featuring remote control, Sirius® Satellite Radio, AM/FM/CD/DVD/Navigation, Pandora® Internet Radio connectivity and iPod video direct cable compatibility (with iPod®, iPhone® and iPad®. Bluetooth® technology) allows for safe, hands-free calling, along with the ability to listen to music wirelessly from Bluetooth® devices. The in-cabin entertainment experience also offers super-slim LED wide-screen, high definition TV and DVD combination with Dolby® Digital Theater System and remote control. TV can be viewed while stationary or in-motion via the omnidirectional antenna. Please consult your Airstream dealer for additional information regarding cable or satellite TV options.



*Product information, specifications and photography in this brochure were as accurate as possible at time of printing. Photographs may contain some features that are optional on your vehicle. Since we continually strive to improve our products, actual products may differ. Prices and specifications are subject to change without notice. All capacities are approximate and dimensions are nominal. Some features or options may be different or unavailable in Canada.


Vehicle Loading – Every effort has been made to provide the greatest number of options for the recreation vehicle owner. Along with these choices comes the responsibility to manage the loads that are imposed by the choices so that they remain within the manufacturer’s specified chassis weight limits. Do not overload the recreation vehicle.


Occupant and Cargo Carrying Capacity (OCCC) is stated here for a base unit with no options and is the capacity available for occupants, water, and cargo. Addition of options weight increases vehicle weight and reduces OCCC. Liquid capabilities and weights are approximations only. Unloaded Base Weight (UBW) includes the weight of full LP and fuel, for a base unit, excluding options.


Warning – This information is intended as a guide only. Weights of individual vehicles may vary. Consult your owner’s manual for complete loading, weighing, and towing instructions.



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