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Airstream Flying Cloud


Airstream Flying Clound Floor Plans


In a Flying Cloud there is simplicity and function and life becomes easy.


When you’re ready to take a break from the great outdoors, the Flying Cloud invites you inside with the flair of modern design. From fabrics to fixtures to cabinetry, the Flying Cloud line reflects your taste with clean, comfortable, contemporary styling throughout. The right sized travel trailer for any adventure, the Airstream Flying Cloud single-axle Bambi travel trailer combines light weight ruggedness with total practicality.


Innovative storage solutions and multifunctional work spaces prevail throughout the living areas, like under seat storage and extra counter space available when the sink cover is in place.


Like all Airstream trailers, every inch of a Flying Cloud has a functional purpose, and not one of those inches was built for planned obsolescence. Count on the Airstream Flying Cloud to last far longer than its boxy competitors, all while enjoying less of an impact at the pump and better stability on the road.

Interior Décors
• Burnt Sienna
• Mochablue
• Golden Night
• Mica
• Golden Ultraleather (option)
• Black Ultraleather (option)


Airstream Flying Cloud Specifications


Introducing the new Flying Cloud 30FB Bunk Bed ...


Airstream makes it easy to go on an adventure with the whole family. The new Flying Cloud 30FB bunk can sleep up to 8, making ample room for everyone.


There are two permanent sleeping sections in the front and back, plus two areas that can be converted into additional sleeping quarters. The convertible dinette and lounge are great for dining or socializing while on the road.


From Orlando to Seattle, LA to NY and beyond, keep your family exploring in style with Airstream.


Airstream Flying Cloud Bunk Beds



Product information, specifications, and photography in this brochure were as accurate as possible at time of printing. Photographs may contain some features that are optional on your vehicle. Since we continually strive to improve our products, actual products may differ. Prices and specifications are subject to change without notice. All capacities are approximate and dimensions are nominal. Some features or options may be different or unavailable in Canada.

Vehicle Loading – Every effort has been made to provide the greatest number of options for the recreation vehicle owner. Along with these choices comes the responsibility to manage the loads that are imposed by the choices so that they remain within the manufacturer’s specified chassis weight limits. Do not overload the recreation vehicle.

Dry Weights - based on standard features; optional equipment not included. Net Carrying Capacity (NCC) is determined by subtracting Unit Base Weight (UBW) from the Gross Vehicle Weight Rating (GVWR), and is the capacity available for water, options and cargo. Liquid capacities and weights are approximations only.


Warning – This information is intended as a guide only. Weights of individual vehicles may vary. Consult your owner’s manual for complete loading, weighing, and towing instructions.



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